Agness Company Residential Septic SystemAgness Company works together with the home owner, county and state regulators and suppliers of the system components with the mutual goal of installing a good working system with a long life.

Durability - We choose the best quality products, customized to fit the needs of the property. Agness Company is a licensed Operations and Maintenance Provider and regularly services the systems we install. Our customers deserve only the best and that is exactly what we provide.

Customized - Our 15 years experience as a septic installer gives us the capability of working  with local engineers to  design a system suitable for the location and fits the needs of the property owner.

On Budget - Agness Company has a reputation for completing the project on time and on budget. We contract with the customer providing a fixed price for the complete project.

Environmentally Friendly - Our system designs strive to create the as small a foot print as possible to preserve the integrity of the natural environment.  Many of the properties being developed today have difficult geographic features, for example adjacent to waterway which requires careful consideration.

Longevity - The advanced treatment systems allow the maintenance provider the flexibility to track the data to make critical adjustments.  By observing the system and making adjustments we keep it operating efficiently therefore lengthening the life of the system.

Agness Company installs Advantex septic systems